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Pruvit KETO OS - Ketones supplement are they the real deal ?

What is Pruvit KETO OS ?

Why is it different from ketones that is currently been on the market for years ??

Pruvit OS - OS standing for "operating system" is a exogenous ketone supplement that has a PATENT PENDING salt that has been added to the supplement itself.

What is the added salt ? - BHB

What is BHB ?

BHB stands for Beta hydroxybutyrate. BHB has a carbonyl carbon, but it’s only bound to one other carbon atom shown below.

So what does BHB do ?

From research there is a lot of claims that it can increase energy, has cured seizures and can make you loose fat by altering hormones. Lets get into it.

Energy boost and reduction of depression from BHB itself?

BHB has the ability to enter the brain through what is called the blood-brain barrier, and it can do this easily. This easy access allows us to use BHB as energy easily. Articles has suggested a possibility that BHB has a potential to affect the release of neurotrophins, which support neuron function and synapse formation. This is why it may have a claim to help with depression and reduction of anxiety. A study has shown that ketosis induces a moderate uncoupling state and less oxidative efficiency compared to glucose oxidation suggesting ketone fuel is more efficient in regards to requiring less energy to produce energy. Specific and separate studies that shows the use of only this supplement for energy, mental health and energy needs to be done to conclude its effectiveness.

BHB and seizures

Although their has been huge claims that by taking pruvit ketones supplement alone can prevent seizures has never been studied and proven. I 100% push the idea if someone has or knows someone whom suffers from seizures and has taken the supplement alone without any other changes to diet or with medication, has found the supplement to work i urge them to contact researchers to pump out this out to trials and get the supplement to be put on prescription. However what also seems to dig at my conscious is the potential danger of a supplement ultimately putting the consumer at risk due to poor research and bold claims. These claims simply need to be back up with studies before saying it can do something PERIOD.

There is a silver lining however, BHB can naturally be increased with the combination of exercise and following a ketosis diet. This combination however has seen results in patients, however in regards to reduction or complete absence of siezures a ketogenic diet’s properties will require further studies on the ways in which cellular metabolism can shift membrane excitability.

Diet may act through multiple simultaneous mechanisms that differ depending on cell-type and brain-region.

Future work may link the individual findings from many studies of metabolic modification of neuronal activity in a unified explanation of the potent anti-seizure action of the ketogenic diet.

BHB and Ketones in general for weight loss

There is no studies to my knowledge that show BHB or ketones or Pruvit ketones is successful in the reduction of body mass (weight) used alone. Ketones has only been studied as a weight-loss aid in combination with other ingredients and not alone. Its effects on body weight are unknown. However a KETOSIS DIET has shown successful in trials, the reason being was calorie restriction and food intake habit changes. If following a veto diet ensure you are consuming the recommended daily intake for vitamins and minerals.

Reduction of appetite and hunger claim

Following a ketosis diet has shown to elevate BHB and acetoacetate and during prolonged fasting. A study shown that by drinking a ketone drink and following a ketosis diet it lowered Gherlin which is to stimulate hunger. Again this study was based on a ketosis diet plus a ketone supplement. There is no studies to suggest by drinking the pruvit supplement alone will be sufficient enough to stop hunger like it claims.

The formula added to the supplement C-Med 100® claims to prolong lymphocyte survival and healthy cell function, maximises cell debris removal, and extends DNA telomere length for longevity promoting rapid repair.

Ok from all the claims this one seems more promising, there are studies shown successful however in lymphocyte survival only. There is a couple of studies done to show it was affected however this was only done on rats or mice. There is no studies shown to be done on humans, therefore again we are left with no studies to prove the claim. However there is some research behind this which would be good to see how effective it is on humans and taken forward.

What is the successful combination to help raise the percentage in aiding weight loss with a potential affect on energy and mood.

Ketosis diet or Calorie deficit (for those who would rather not)


Natural BHB amplifiers






Be happy

A study found that BHB increases after prolonged exercise,

Small amount of MCT Oils: Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) don’t contain BHB, but consuming MCT oils can moderately raise BHB. They contain fat molecules that are easily converted into BHB. you can still take these if you want to stay in ketosis however be more suited to a calorie deficit plan.

So what is my view on this supplement ?

There has been a bit of research put into the development of this supplement and some exciting prospects behind the potential of BHB (the added salt). However the patent is pending, and there is no scientific research to support the effectiveness of pruvit supplement. Too much bold claims without no research, however the research linked to claims is not specific to the use of Pruvit supplement on its own and other methods were used.

I urge people to actual read into the studies, to do this look at the method section of the study. Does the method used say the patients were given Pruvit ? and the conclusion says the patients has seen a reduction in seizures, mental health and weight purely by using this supplement with no combination of other methods used.

**We cannot cherrypick results**

Nutritional analysis of KETO//OS® NAT™ (Tru passion version)

** i do not claim the rights of the below picture and belongs to the below source** Source below


Macronutrient analysis:-

Sodium content:-

Sodium being salt we are still ingesting per packet 40% of our recommended intake, you a recommended to take 2 per day that is equivalent to 80% of overall salt intake recommended for you to have a day. Keep in mind if you want to maintain an acceptable amount of salt you only have 20% to play with.

Caffeine or caffeine free version:-

I think this is good that they give you two different options, personally i would choose the caffeine version if i was to try the supplement. Caffeine has shown to aid absorption. That being said why would you add caffeine if BHB is the claimed active ingredient to aid energy ? This itself may trick someone into the energy buzz they may get.

Added Taurine

Taurine again has shown to increased energy and focus, i am confused to see why this has been added as can impact on energy levels, and may not be the BHB that is impacting on energy and focus. However Taurine has been found to be beneficial in energy and focus. However the active ingredient to its claims is BHB and not taurine.

C-Med 100®

As mentioned above this has only shown successful in rats and mice.


This is is an essential amino acid we need this from our diet as our bodies can't manufacture it itself. It has shown to aid in the maintenance in muscle mass. There has been studies done previously on leucine and appetite suppression however shown that it was not effectiveness enough to be conclusive.

What i found extremely interesting was all the claims made then i see this at the bottom of the nutritional information......

** i do not claim the rights of the below picture and belongs to the below source** Source below


*This product is not medical treatment, medicine, or weightless product*. Then at the bottom confirms the statements have not been evaluated.

Advice for anyone buying any supplement - always read the small print and do your research. All this being said they seem safe to consume with caution by altering diet to suit.

Should i take this supplement ?

You need to ask yourself why you are taking the supplement ?

If you are taking it to loose weight, i am sorry but honestly give yourself a shake. no pun intended. It says at the bottom it's not a weight loss supplement and from all the research i have spent hours going through shows this.

For anyone that has used these and other ketone supplements here is my outlook on why you may feel like you are getting results.

i would however assume when taking weight loss supplements we subconsciously alter our diet and exercise more which in turn we are creating a calorie deficit and loosing fat through increased activity and diet alteration. If this supplement is tested for energy alone studies would need to test only BHB and not the supplement itself as it contains caffeine and taurine.

Can you still be in ketosis by taking this supplement and not follow a ketosis diet ?

While ketone supplements can still help you maintain ketosis even after a meal, the rise in levels of blood ketones is much less than if you were in a fast or didn’t consume a carb-containing meal. This meaning even if you follow a keto diet the effect of the supplementation is minimal. There is no studies to show that you can maintain ketosis with only a supplement and not altering your diet. If you were to take a ketones supplement with a carb meal blood ketones would not be altered significantly going by research.

To conclude

However this being said, it is promising to see BHB's effect on the blood brain barrier and the energy being received, this has a solid mechanism of action in delivering energy that requires less steps to be taken (through the Krebs cycle) compared to glucose itself. I would like to see more studies done on patients on energy levels when taking a BHB supplement. However ultimately we cannot say that this supplement is effective due to no solid evidence but claims.

Eat right save your money and get a decent nutrition plan put together, if you need medical advice seek a dietitian and a doctor. Exercise and go see a personal trainer to put a plan together specific for you.

Like most things in this world there is no short cut especially for loosing weight. For disease seek advice from a medical practitioner. Below is some links have used.


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