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Have you heard of Leaky gut syndrome ? Is Glutamine - the gut healer ?

SO we all eat food right ? Have you ever had sore guts for no reason and jumped to conclusions thinking you may be intolerant to a certain food type ?

A possible reason could be leaky gut...Food is broken down mechanically, and with the help of enzymes and acid the nutrients are then absorbed.

The digestive system does a pretty good job protecting us from harmful substances through walls which act as barriers and acting as a gate system selecting and controlling what enters the blood stream. The ease of passage is referred to as Intestinal permeability.

When these gates become loose this therefore can lead to an increased gap resulting in bacteria and toxins to pass from the gut into the bloodstream.

This activates the immune system which therefore causes a lot of inflammation and damage resulting in what is called "leaky gut."

Although there is a lack of evidence of symptoms following leaky gut syndrome, it is thought that symptoms such as digestive problems, fatigue, and skin problems can occur.

That being said there is literature suggesting that increased intestinal permeability, or intestinal hyperpermeability, exists in certain chronic diseases.

Glutamine the gut healer ?

Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid within the human body and is a major key player substrate utilised by intenstinal cells.

In gut physiology, glutamine promotes enterocyte proliferation, regulates tight junction proteins, suppresses pro-inflammatory signaling pathways, and protects cells against apoptosis and cellular stresses during normal and pathologic conditions.

As glutamine stores are depleted during severe metabolic stress including trauma, sepsis, and inflammatory bowel diseases, glutamine supplementation has been examined in patients to improve their clinical outcomes.

The below picture shows how Glutamine helps in protection of cellular stresses by improving inflammation and maintaining the intestinal tissue integrity. Below's image shows the mechanism of anti-inflammatory action.

How Glutamine helps in protection of cellular stresses by improving inflammation and maintaining the intestinal tissue integrity.

This being said these successes have been based on observational studies Meaning that future research is required on glutamine's mechanisms. Also more studies are required for the use on patients, more studies are required to back up the previous power of success.

In conclusion glutamine does show to have beneficial effects however at present it cannot be claimed as a cure to leaky gut syndrome and intestinal diseases until specific studies are done.

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