• Aidan Craig

Can Soy alter your hormones ?

Theres been a vast amount of research into soy products and how they can benefit your health. Soy has been shown in conjunction of a healthy balanced diet to lower LDL cholesterol and fight against coronary heart disease (CHD). Some small studies show how soya isoflavones may help improve the flexibility and function of the lining ofkey blood vessels. This in turn inhibits the development of both atherosclerosis and thrombosis, two key processes in the development of heart disease. There is also literature suggesting the consumption of 15-40mg isoflavones per day helps with "hot flushes" in menopausal women.

So back to my original question, does the consumption alter levels of Oestrogen and also Testosterone in men ?

This is a question i have been asked a few times, there's seems to be a lack of studies specific to this topic in a way it can be conclusively answered.

From four articles that analysed the effects of soy and isoflavone supplements, 3 suggest clearly that although consumption did have an alteration of some kind, the changes were not clinically significant. One suggested that consumption had no effect on measures of bioavailability of T concentrations in men.

There is literature that shows consumption may increase oestrogen receptor activity and isoflavones may also interfere with steroid metabolism by inhibiting aromatase, hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, and steroid a-reductase, and by altering the ratio of estradiol metabolites.

In conclusion yes soy intake can alter hormone levels however not at a clinically significant level, that being said more long term studies on high soya diets are required. I have included my resources below.


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